Thom Browne
 “Technically speaking, the collection had a surprisingly simple narrative: Take all the familiar American tropes, including plaid, madras, and quilting, and render them in tulle. In a season of transparency, Browne’s use of the delicate fabric was undoubtedly the most impressive. But beyond the intricacy and ethereal nature of the clothes, there was a bigger, more important story here. Where some designers submerge themselves in the real world, Browne has always posited fashion as fantasy, dreaming bigger, pushing the eye to places it didn’t know existed. At a time when the world feels like a pretty bleak place indeed, his brand of escapism is more appealing than ever. It only makes sense then, that Browne should close his show with a life-size unicorn puppet instead of a bride—the mythical creature is surely his spirit animal.” —Chioma Nnadi